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Migration and mobility are important elements of developing and developed societies. In this context, leveraging the positive links between migration and development is an integral component of any sustainable development programme. Over the last decade, lessons learns resulting from the work carried by Global Migration Group entities, (GMG), the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the OCDE and the EU have confirmed that, and in order to make migration work effectively for development, a better structured and pragmatic approach has become necessary which includes sound governance mechanism’s and the necessity to address the mainstreaming of migration into development as a core operational process. Migration has now become one of the five priorities of the EU Policy Coherence for Development Agenda and subsequent action plans.. As recognized by the EU, other donors and civil society organisations, the policy sectors in which mainstreaming migration seems most obvious is labour market/employment, private sector development, education, health, and social protection. Also and most importantly, due account of human rights and good governance should be taken in analyzing mainstreaming of migration into any sectorial policies.
Over a million people sought refuge in EU Member States in 2015, confronting the EU with an unprecedented challenge. Moreover, with about 60 million people in the world forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, generalised violence or human rights violations, the scale of these movements is likely to continue for some time. Over the past years, the EU migration and integration debates have been strongly impacted by frictions between member states concerning refugees and migration flows.. The questions at stake which require the continued mobilization of civil society actors necessitate a coherent, balanced, and holistic approach based on policy coherence between migration, integration, non-discrimination and social inclusion.


Eunomad is a European network funded by Europaid between 2010 and 2013 in order to foster better stakeholder dialogue on practices linking migration, citizenship/integration and development. The network was composed by various working parties which included civil society, local authorities and the academic environment.
CHARHON CONSULTANT provided support to the EU funded EUNOMAD network in the context of a policy seminar on: “Migration, Development, Integration, Complementarity of the role and actions of local authorities and the civil society in relation to the EU “(May 2013).
CHARHON CONSULTANT provided support EUNOMAD in different ways which included the design of the overall project concept and programme , the identification of speakers within the EU institution’s and European academic environment, the production of the policy material related to the seminar, the planning of the facilitation of seminar sessions along with the production of policy introductory material, the drafting of the seminar recommendation’s and proceedings.
Ronald Lucardie, Chair of EUNOMAD
"Pascale get things done. She was instrumental with both the planning and organization of the policy seminar EUNOMAD held in Brussels on the subject of cooperation between civil society organization’s and local authorities in the migration and development nexus." - Ronald Lucardie, Chair of EUNOMAD (May 2013)
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