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Who We Are?

CHARHON CONSULTANTS is an independent consultancy set up by Pascale Charhon in 2012 with the view to service non state actors. Pascale Charhon experience builds on an unrivalled track record gained through more than 15 years of experience interacting with EU policies and institutions and working for civil society organization’s based in Brussels and across the 28 EU member states.

Between 1994 and 2012, Pascale Charhon held senior level managing positions working for EU level human rights and social change civil society networks involved in advocacy, capacity building and action research projects. Pascale was the director of CEJI and pioneered the introduction of the US based ADL/A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE institute ® diversity education and prejudice reduction non-formal education methods in Europe with the support of EU funding.

Pascale was also the director of ENAR a leading EU funded civil society network created to advocate for legal changes at EU level and make decisive progress towards the mainstreaming of racial equality in the EU and Member States policy agendas.