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What We Do

Over the past ten to fifteen years and culminating with the EU treaty of Lisbon , the interest of the European institutions for a structured dialogue with civil society, has gained substantial complexity.

At CHARHON CONSULTANTS, we believe in the power of taking an integrated approach to civil society advocacy and institutional communication needs. We can also address the complex dimensions of the EU legislative agenda while identifying synergies among key stakeholders operating in Brussels, among other Intergovernmental bodies (Council of Europe,OSCE) or in the EU member states in order to achieve policy outcomes. We are also skilled at ensuring that civil society contribution and advocacy approach can be valued at the level of EU institutions and by addressing the human aspects of issues in a regulatory context.

Working with CHARHON CONSULTANTS means getting

  • Highly customized and experienced consultancy services covering all aspects of integrated public affairs and institutional communication strategies relevant to the needs of civil society, trade unions, and other stakeholder’s.
  • Expert knowledge of the EU regulatory framework and processes;
  • Design, access and management of projects with EU funding;
  • Specialist thematic knowledge of EU policies relevant to civil society
  • Brussels expertise – with member states reach
  • Flexibility to address clients internal human resource’s needs for short term projects.

  • Charhon Consultant is fully conversant with key EU policy areas relevant to, Fundamental Rights, Social Affairs and Employment, Labour Relations, Migrant Integration, Active Citizenship, Development Aid, Formal and Non-formal Education along with Culture as core subjects.

    Our services include:
  • Policy planning and advocacy strategy
  • stakeholders mapping
  • Applied policy Research
  • Organization of Expert groups and seminars on EU topical subjects
  • Facilitating contacts with EU institutions, stakeholder dialogue and networking
  • Trainings on EU’s policies
  • Mapping of European funding programmes, support in the identification of relevant grants for our clients sector
  • Identification and networking with potential partners
  • Support in preparation of grants applications
  • EU Project management and coaching of teams

  • If our clients are not based in Brussels, we can operate as their liaison at EU level.
    Our overhead costs are reduced to the minimum so that we can offer our clients accessible services on a short or longer term. Our fees are reasonable and adjusted to the budget capacities of our clients.